Appointments Reservation System

An Online system used for scheduling appointments and reservation placements, can be used for Doctors, Clinics, Veterinaries, Medical Labs, Hospitals and any secretary work where appointments are needed to be scheduled for patients.

System Features:

Easy to use for any computer user.

Simplifying the Scheduling Process by simply reserving Appointments.

Can be used for eternal and external communication.

Allowing Multiple User Accounts.

Having Multiple Languages.

An Online Reservation System

Can be linked with any domain or subdomain.

Uploading Prescriptions and drugs for patients.

Containing ll the required details for patients, like blood type, height, weight, Age and contact details.

Has Diagnosis Tests for each patient.

Can accept several payment methods and it can be linked to each patient and their profile.

Containing an Invoicing System for paid and unpaid bills.

Appointment time intervals can be set upon needed requirements from 10 minutes to an hour.

Has a working schedule for the business owners and would only reservations during working time.

Can Send SMS messages to clients phones to notify them about their upcoming appointments.

Allowing the upload and download of all file types for prescriptions.

Based on our market research, market study and market analysis, we developed this simple appointments reservation system, and placed it in your hands.

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The Archiving System can be purchased with Subscriptions (Monthly, Quarterly, Semiannual and Annual), Online on a cloud server installation.

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