About Armazi

Our Goal

Providing Lasting Services is our goal.

Armazi, The Online Difference 

Naming Origins

Like any start-up company, we needed a good name, so we gathered and picked the name Armazi after a long time searching, which has the meanings of: 

Armazi Place: ARMAZI an important royal city of Georgia (Iberia), The area is now a state-protected field museum administered as a part of the National Archaeology Museum-Reserve of Greater Mtskheta.

Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armazi

Yazan Zash
Owner, Co-Founder &
IT Manager
Amro Al Horani
Co-Founder & Public Relation Manager
From Sep 2020 -
Till Apr 2022

Success Story

Armazi originally was formed back in 2017, by Yazan Zash and a few of his university colleagues, the main idea was to provide the best IT Services, due to changes faced in life, the firm was split up, in Sep 2020, Yazan zash decided to reopen the business,  with the help of Amro Al Hourani, they relaunched the whole business, and they gathered more resources to be functional on a higher level with more services to be worldwide provided.