Archiving System

An Online & Offline System for Archiving Official Letters, Documents & Memos Archiving,
incoming and outgoing ones, to replace any old excel sheet or paperwork for archiving.

System Features:

Easy to use for any computer user.

Simplifying the Archiving Process.

Can be used for eternal and external communication.

Allowing Multiple User Accounts.

Having Multiple Languages.

Can be set as an offline installation or online (Based on the requirements).

Can be linked with any domain or subdomain.

Containing archiving levels as a hierarchy tree for unlimited branches and main folders.

Inwards and Outwards Letters & Memos Archiving.

Simple file retrieving for all uploaded file types and extensions (.pdf .doc .dot .docx .dotx .txt etc).

Based on our market research, market study and market analysis, we developed this simple archiving system, and placed it for your use whether your are having a company, an association, a group, a library, a book shop, human resources, factory, military work or any business that needs to have their documents perfectly archived.

To view a live demo Click Here

The Archiving System can be purchased with Subscriptions (Monthly, Quarterly, Semiannual and Annual), Online on a cloud server installation or offline on the devices of the client.

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